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Robby Bobby "über mich"

Robby Bobby

Photographer and Artist

Robby Bobby is a passionate collector of action figures. He also collects superheroes and super villains. As a trained photographer and with his burning passion for the world of Marvel and DC, he creates impressive, unforgettable photographs that touch the heart.

For his first books, Robby Bobby used colored light and frosted glass to create the effect of mystically luminous figures that seem to stand on no ground and are surrounded by magical light, as if they were floating in space.

For his second series of books, Robby Bobby used a diorama that he invented and built himself. This diorama in itself is already a work of art.

Check out the film right here:

Diorama City

Tour of the setting for the Avengers + X-Men book series by Robby Bobby

Robby Bobby built this diorama himself as a backdrop for his books. This miniature city forms the background for the dark atmosphere of the comic world, in which Robby Bobby illuminates the action figures individually and stages them like real actors.

Superhero book

Robby Bobby shows the book that was his first work.



"These dramatic photos of action figures turn collectibles into works of art."

"Impressive characters from the saga of Marvel and DC Universe, from films, video games and comics have been shown in new versions again and again for 80 years, so that they are immortalized as mythical characters today."

"The talented photographer Robby Bobby creates a real treat for the eyes of every fan and collector with his pictures."

"With his innovative photo technology, Robby Bobby makes the action figures glow and immerses them in a mystical light."

"These pictures by Robby Bobby magically cast a spell on every viewer and stimulate the imagination."

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