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Pointer book for babies


Ideal gift book for the birth

Zeigebuch für Babys

The book Gift for the birth to understand the baby when it asks for something to eat and cannot yet speak for the "age of the outstretched index finger", which determines the communication with the baby between the 1st and 2nd year of life.

The question: "What do you want to eat?" the baby can answer by pointing to it, even before it is able to express its needs through language.

  • ideal gift for birth

  • ideal gift for the birth

  • ideaal cadeau voor de geboorte

  • regalo ideal per la nascita

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My baby is hungry - yes - and does not want to eat what I offer him. Until I realize it: my little fingers are tapping a tangerine that is printed on an advertisement. Now I understand - this is how we can communicate, even without words. Here is the first baby-mother language book to help our little ones understand. This index book is ideal for 1 to 2 year old children. The speech therapist can use this textbook for interactive speech therapy or for bilingual Montessori pedagogy. This is a book for primary education as well as for speech therapy with reading aloud.

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