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Making the lame walk again, the blind seeing again and the pain-stricken pain-free again: What sounds like a story from the Bible is actually possible today thanks to new scientific findings and new treatment methods that are neither expensive nor have side effects, which is truly a modern thing sounds wonders.

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Vitamine & Co Band 4 aus der buchreihe "Nützliches Wissen" von Kathrin Dreusicke



5.0 out of 5 stars

Informative and exciting


Review from Germany

from October 28, 2019


With this book, no questions remain unanswered.

As a reference book and real help in using and purchasing vitamins.

Top !!



5.0 out of 5 stars

Good reference work


Reviewed in Germany on October 25, 2020


Verified purchase


Great reference book for the correct dosage of vitamins in the different age groups. I've tried it and have been sick much less often since then. Thanks :-)



5.0 out of 5 stars

Very informative book


Reviewed in Germany on November 15, 2019


Verified purchase


This book shows very interesting topics and there are helpful tips for every age group.


Thank you very much AH

Wechseljahre selbst behandeln Band 4 aus der Buchreihe "Selbst Behandeln" von Kathrin Dreusicke

Regarding:Discard aspirin for vitamin K dosage 200mg per day

"Good morning Mrs. Dreusicke,

Your book has arrived. Excellent font size and good rendering!

So I feel like I now have a completed jigsaw puzzle about vitamins and minerals and nutritional supplements. This relaxes and complements my finding of how, when, what and where.

I take "aspirin for life" but would like to replace it with vitamin K.

Maybe you have a hint for me.

Thank you very much for your commitment and illustrations in Volume 4!

Best Regards


Answer: Those taking warfarin or aspirin should also limit their intake of vitamin K from vegetables. Newer drugs such as Eliquis ® , Pradaxa ® and Xarelto ® offer anticoagulant effects without the need to restrict vitamin K intake.

Buchreihe "Selbst Behandeln" von Kathrin Dreusicke

“I read your books with great interest, and I was able to use your blog and all sorts of things for me.
Thanks to your publications, my husband has accepted a dose increase in his vitamin D intake and the next blood sample will show how far his blood level has risen.
I admire your energy and hard work, with which you have gathered all this knowledge and how structured and appealing you can present it.
A friend of mine (gynecologist), to whom I gave some of your books, was very enthusiastic: photo, writing style, introduction ... ”

“We now have four books from you. Very well presented and very well thought out in terms of structure. My wife checks in every day. "

Press release in the local section of the Süddeutsche Zeitung

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