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News from evidence-based orthomolecular medicine


Even if the doctor cannot help, there are ways to help yourself. Don't resign yourself to your suffering. Use dietary supplements professionally dosed and combined for your healing. Discover the latest in evidence-based orthomolecular medicine to alleviate diseases effectively and without side effects, and often even to heal them completely.

Research is being carried out worldwide to alleviate the cruelty of aging and the diseases that result from it, or even better: to prevent it altogether. Research on evidence-based orthomolecular medicine is constantly being carried out worldwide.

I have made the results of the scientists available in my health guidebooks so that they can be applied immediately, but for reasons of clarity, the guidebooks lack background information and references.

I would like to make these sources of my knowledge available here free of charge, and here my interested readers can always find new scientific news.

If you want to support my work with donations: You are very welcome.

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