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treat depression yourself

The guidebook »Treating DEPRESSIONS Yourself« is volume 1 from the »Treating Yourself« book series and is suitable for self-help with depression. You will receive specific information on how you can use over-the-counter and side-effect-free food supplements - especially vitamin D - to relieve often recurring mild moods or even mild and severe depression. 

What can I do if the anti-depression pills don't help? - A whole lot: Here you will find specific information on healing depression, fears, phobias and burnout through the use of natural remedies from nature. Dietary supplements that bring your body back to its original, self-healing powers. Here you get

1.) Answers that show you the way in the jungle of different opinions

2.) Buy recommendations for high-quality and inexpensive products

3.) Therapy and vitamin recommendations for each age group as a table for reference

4.) Bonus part: Which nutritional supplements do children need?

2,400 years ago Hippocrates said: "He who heals is right". In this sense, use these new findings from global research. Nowadays science gives us concrete recommendations with which we can remedy mood disorders, which often have their origin in a vitamin deficiency that is easy to cure.

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