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Series of books to collect with 7 volumes

Useful knowledge

The Lifehack book series to collect with 7 volumes as an ideal gift for your first home with lots of tips for the modern household.

These recipes are the exquisite essence of 35 years of experience: collected recipes that all family members and visitors will enjoy.

This cookbook enables you to bring a delicacy to the table the first time you try, because here you will find excellent step-by-step instructions .
The table of contents may seem ordinary - the value becomes apparent as soon as you try the recipes and you succeed straight away.

The smell of homemade desserts from the kitchen is an incomparable experience that cannot be replaced by purchased baked goods.

Nützliches Wissen - Band 1 - Gesunde Süßspeisen
Nützliches Wissen - Band 2 - Backe dein Brot

Do you go shopping every day or do you prefer to eat stale bread?

If you don't like either, here's a phenomenally simple solution:

Mix up your bread dough , put it in the fridge and bake fresh bread, rolls, crackers or pizza as needed.

This bread dough can stay in the refrigerator for up to two weeks without any preservatives or other additives.

Here you will find recipes with step-by-step instructions . Bread recipes that work and taste sensational.

What do you need a cookbook for nowadays?

Yes, exactly: there are recipe apps with thousands of instructions that I have tried out with ardent enthusiasm.

Unfortunately: many recipes fail the first time.

To shorten the path of trial and error for you, I have collected my recipes for 35 years and selected the best for you.

These recipes work as tested step-by-step instructions in every kitchen, even with just a stove and an oven.

Nützliches Wissen - Band 3 - Koch dir was Gesundes
Band 4

Do I need vitamins in tablet form or are vitamin pills just a tailor-made piece of money? Answering this simple question will drive anyone interested to despair. This is over now: here you will get answers. You can find here:

  • effective ways to age more slowly

  • precise information about what children need

  • exact information about what pregnant women need

  • Vitamin recommendations for every age group as a table for reference

  • Purchase recommendations based on current research recognized worldwide

In the sense of Hippocrates: "He who heals is right", these recommendations presented here are internationally recognized and proven to be effective.

ISBN 9798711517177

Volume 5: "Natural cosmetics - simply made by yourself" is expected to appear in 2021

Naturkosmetik – einfach selbst gemacht
Nützliches Wissen - Band 6 - Halte deine Wohnung sauber

"Wow," said my grown daughter. 'It's always so neat and tidy with you. How do you do that? "Without thinking further, the sentence slipped out of my mind:" You hardly practice for 30 years, and you already know how it's done. "

With this you get a book with the concentrated knowledge of the old generation neatly sorted and written down for young people - for the new generation - with their first own household.

May this book be of help to you.

7 existential topic groups invite you to delve deeper into a chosen topic.

As a reading book , it invites you to deep thoughts and conversations. Even small school children are already interested in philosophical questions and never tire of having the proverbs read to them.

The small pictures appear as black and white prints and invite you to color them in. - For older children and teenagers, this book can be used as a game. Have one person just read the headline and have everyone else guess how the saying goes. - Even if children cannot grasp the content of the wise words immediately, these proverbs come back to them in later adult life and it strikes them like scales from their eyes that they receive wise guidance for their worries with these little wisdom sentences.

Nützliches Wissen - Band 1
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