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What do you need a cookbook for nowadays? Yes, exactly: there are recipe apps with thousands of instructions. And yet: many recipes fail the first time.
I have developed this recipe collection over many years, tried it out and perfected it again and again. This way you should succeed in all recipes the first time you try.
Cooking and baking is an elementary experience and a wonderful ritual in all cultures of the world, as relaxing as meditation for body and soul. Producing food yourself, for yourself and for your loved ones, gives the soul support in life and can have a healing effect as an occupational therapy for children as well as adults.
An old-fashioned cookbook is both retro and hip at the same time.
All the recipes in this e-book work as tested step-by-step instructions in every kitchen, even with just a stove and an oven.
With this book, the work is quick and easy.

Cover des Kochbuches Süßspeisen + Brot backen +Kochen von Kathrin Dreusicke
Nützliches Wissen - Band 2 - Backe dein Brot

Do you go shopping every day or do you prefer to eat stale bread?

If you don't like either, here's a phenomenally simple solution:

Mix up your bread dough , put it in the fridge and bake fresh bread, rolls, crackers or pizza as needed.

This bread dough can stay in the refrigerator for up to two weeks without any preservatives or other additives.

Here you will find recipes with step-by-step instructions . Bread recipes that work and taste sensational.

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