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Treat menopause yourself

The guide book "Treat yourself WECHESLJAHRE" is Volume 4 of the book series "Treat yourself". It is suitable for women over 40 years of age who want to suffer less and remain younger and healthier than nature intended.

You will receive specific information on how you can alleviate or even completely avoid menopausal symptoms with   with dietary supplements and hormone replacement therapy with no side effects.

For your middle-aged man, here are anti-aging tips to keep him younger and healthier too.

Treat yourself with 47 vitamins and minerals

Do I need medication for menopause?

Yes absolutely.

Modern medicine is actually able to alleviate the natural symptoms of menopause. But even for women who are willing to endure common menopausal ailments the natural way, hormone replacement therapy is a very useful anti-aging strategy to avoid many diseases of old age before they can even develop.

This book gives you an up-to-date guide for the year 2021.

The dosages recommended here have been tested according to scientific standards worldwide and the combinations recommended here have been shown to be effective.

The synergy effects of dietary supplements together with nature-identical progesterone, pregnenolone and DHEA result in a powerful weapon against the cruelty of aging .

Ratgeber-Buch: Wechseljahre selbst behandeln aus der Buchreihe "Selbst Behandeln" von Kathrin Dreusicke Band 4
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