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Treat allergies yourself

The advice book "Treat ALLERGIES yourself" is volume 3 from the book series "Treat yourself". It is suitable for self-help with allergies and asthma.

You will receive specific information on how you can relieve mild, severe or even unbearable allergies and asthma with over-the-counter dietary supplements that are free of side effects - especially vitamin D. 

Allergies can arise from various normal environmental factors: Your runny nose and itchy eyes can be caused by:

Birch pollen, house dust, sun, grass pollen, house dust or even individual foods.

What to do when hay fever has made every spring a torture? What to do if the beginning of summer causes a sun allergy? What to do if the allergy drugs don't help? What to do if desensitization fails?

This book enables you to use an alternative healing method that you can use yourself safely, without side effects and without toxins.

Ratgeberbuch "Allergien selbst behandeln" aus der Buchreihe "Selbst Behandeln" von Kathrin Dreusicke Band 3
Löwenzahn Felder

And with asthma?

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