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Treat back pain yourself

The guide book "Treating BACK PAIN yourself" is volume 2 of the book series "Treat yourself". It is suitable for self-help with back pain that simply cannot be eliminated despite sport or physiotherapy.

You will receive specific information on how you can relieve light, severe or even unbearable back pain with over-the-counter and side-effect-free food supplements - especially vitamin D. 

What can I do if my back pain has no apparent cause? What if my orthopedic surgeon can't find a visible cause? If only pain killers can bring me relief? ... You can actually do something: Help your body back to its original, self-healing power by supplying it with the vital substances it needs. Use the right nutritional supplements in the right dosage and let yourself be surprised. Most people's back pain disappears after just 3 weeks with this simple and safe treatment. 2400 years ago Hippocrates said: "He who heals is right". In this sense, use the new findings of global research. Today - in 2020 - science is giving us specific recommendations with which we can relieve physical pain, which often has its origin in a vitamin deficiency that is easy to cure.

Ratgeberbuch "Rückenschmerzen selbst behandeln" aus der Buchreihe "Selbst Behandeln" von Kathrin Dreusicke Band 2

New study results confirm again and again what has been known since 1981: vitamin D deficiency is the real pandemic of mankind, due to which countless diseases arise that would be preventable.

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