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Without supplements you are missing something

The advice book "Without food supplements you are missing something" is volume 6 from the book series "Treat yourself" and is a modern self-help home remedy bookfor young adults, children and pregnant women.

The prevention options presented here are scientifically sound and based on the latest findings in evidence-based orthomolecular medicine.

In this book you will get concrete information on how you can protect the health of your whole family and effectively slow down natural aging with over-the-counter and side-effect-free food supplements - especially vitamin D.

» Prevention is better than cure. «

There is no doubt about that. The difficult question is: what exactly must, should or can I do about it? And at what age should I start? - Promises of salvation can be found everywhere, but which one should I believe? What measures should I actually strive for? - No matter which diet or sport you have chosen for yourself: The right nutritional supplements ensure that your body "always has what it needs". Better health and slowed aging are the gift for it.

This book provides you with clear tables to look up for every age, in order to immediately determine the correct dosage, select effective combinations and find high-quality and inexpensive shopping opportunities.

The active ingredients and amounts recommended here have been tested in countless studies and declared effective according to scientific standards.

With this book you have a clear orientation aid in the jungle of healing promising providers.

Taschenbuch: Ohne Nahrungsergänzungsmittel fehlt dir was Kathrin Dreusicke  Band 6

New study results confirm again and again what has been known since 1981: vitamin D deficiency is the real pandemic of mankind, due to which countless diseases arise that would be preventable.

No matter which widespread disease you enter in the search field:

You can find dozens of testimonials

about the successes with vitamin D and other food supplements.

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