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Corona protection
strengthen your immune system

This guide book is suitable for better surviving viral diseases such as corona or flu without having to expose yourself to the risk of a vaccination.

This guide for adults and children allows you to see exactly what you can take to keep your vitamin D levels at 70 to 100 ng/m3lto bring to theideal immune-protective levelto reach.

The additionally recommended vitamins can enhance the effect of the ideal vitamin D level, and you will also find out which vitamins you can add to achieve an anti-aging effect.

Corona protection:

Strengthen your immune system

What can I do now, during the coronavirus pandemic, where it seems impossible to actually avoid contact with the coronavirus? Can I do something myself to protect myself, now immediately, even without a vaccination against Sars-CoV-2?

You can actually do something :

Here you can find out what exactly is necessary to stabilize your immune system and to arm yourself against contagious diseases such as the coronavirus.

This medical guide corresponds to the status of current worldwide research. This book gives the scientific complexity a clear and understandable form, so that it is easy for every reader to take the protection of health into their own hands.

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Countless study results

confirm the effectiveness of vitamin D therapy.

Doctors around the world strive to

Immediately change existing policies to alleviate the effects of the pandemic.

" We call for the immediate spread of increased vitamin D intake. "

215 doctors and professors from 33 countries have signed this public call for new medical guidelines .

Research shows that low vitamin D levels promote corona infections, corona hospital stays, and corona deaths.

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