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Guía de salud para la curación con agentes de suplementos dietéticos

is the best protection against viral infections like corona, flu and bacterial infections. A strong immune response from your own body can ensure that you do not die even though you are infected.

Are you ready to do what is necessary to do? It is not difficult. All you need are two over-the-counter, safe and affordable supplements: vitamin D and magnesium. Vitamin D is vital for your immune system, because vitamin D is the clock for cell division. The active vitamin D in the blood tells the cells when to divide and when not. Metaphorically speaking, vitamin D is, so to speak, the general in war, telling his soldiers when and where they should go on missions. If the general is missing, in other words, the vitamin D in the blood, the soldiers wander aimlessly and cannot carry out a complete attack.

Here you get concrete instructions on how much of what you should take to bring your vitamin D level up to the immune-protective level even without a laboratory test.

Vitamin D Synergieeffekte

No subestimes el poder combinado de la vitamina D
en combinación con magnesio.

Solo estas 3 sustancias "Vitamina D + Magnesio + Omega 3" tienen el mismo poder que todo el gran tema "Alimentación saludable" y un poder más fuerte que el gran tema "Deportes".

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